sunburst 2009: will you be there?

15 02 2009


do u remember sunburst 2008? i do vaguely, and apart from the rain it was AWESOME! to me, this was the closest that malaysia would get to an OZFEST or any sort of all day music festival and the organisers pulled it off pretty well i must say though hiccups are always present.

now, what went wrong in sunburst 2008? just a few things, not significant enough to ruin the day but worth nothing.

  1. the waiting in between bands – now the organisers did something very good to prevent this from happening. they put 2 main stages side by side, obviously so that when 1 band finished at 1 stage, the other band can start at the 2nd stage with minimum delay. somehow this didn’t seem to work. either that, or bands are still doing what they do best: waiting for the crowd to swell before starting. now if you’re gonna do that, why put 2 stages there in the first place? 1 huge stage would be able to do that much better  i reckon.
  2. the choice of performers – i think they were going with we-want-all-kinds-of-musicians-so-that-we-can-attract-all-kinds-of-people-to-come concept, but i think they did it a little too widely. from rap to funk. from acoustic to r&b. from rock to hip hop. looks like every genre was represented! besides the harder stuff though, which maybe because this event is supported by the tourism ministry. no head banging, heavy metal stuff, which is sort of a good thing, i think.
  3. unequal treatment of musicians – well i don’t know how true is this, but this is what i heard. did any of you guys notice that the main band, incubus, actually played before their actual slot? right after john legend we were suppose to be entertained by estranged before incubus came up. i actually was looking forward to seeing estranged, but obviously when i heard incubus start, that feeling just went away =P which actually brings me to another point. once incubus started their set, suddenly the cameraman and the lightings all seem to be so much better compared to before. the lights were very nicely queued in. the camera panned superbly. i think this happens everywhere. the main guys always get the nice stuff. it even happened during the switchfoot concert. but anyway getting back to sunburst, apparently incubus came, got interviewed, and wanted to start their set immediately. so our lovely malaysian organisers who could’ve told them what they told everyone else, that every band has to wait for their set to play, instead just happily bumped incubus up before estranged. sounds harmless right? not for estranged though. once incubus finished, everyone assumed it was all over and left. including me. not because we don’t like estranged, but because it was the end. so yeah, that wasn’t too cool of the sunburst people =\

apart from all this, everything else was goood. food vendors, although a little lacking, was good food. tuborg was good. john legend was good. incubus was good. the roots were good. local bands were good.

so now. sunburst 2009. labelled by one of my friends as suckburst. just look at the lineup and you’ll understand why.

nerd. indo bands. malaysian bands. that’s it. hmm, only 1 international act? well technically indo bands are “international” right? it looks like sunburst is converging toward an indo fest, which i can totally understand why. if you guys out there in malaysia are complaining at the lineup, its all your own doing. its all your fault.

indo/malay bands are the biggest, most hugely supported bands in malaysia. that’s right. that’s why its very logical for the organisers to go toward this direction. when your an indo band, or model yourself like an indo band, the fans here actually buy your albums. the fans here actually come to your gigs. the fans here actually scream and sing along with you. that is the power of the indo scene. the fans love them. whether they’re a local band, or a real indo band, the fans love them. just like how we love paramore, u2, coldplay, foo fighters, etc. but what about the equivalent local bands who sound like these guys? musically we have bands that i dare say are as good as these big names, but they don’t get any support. or very little support at least. we simply label them wannabes, posers, bla bla bla. there’s no love for them coz we call them copycats. it seems that the only way for a local band to make it big these days is for them to go indo. to start singing malay. meet uncle hussain did that, and it worked 🙂

nerd… nerd… why nerd? i think they’ve never been on malaysian radio… never been on malaysian tv… ok maybe never is a very strong word… but i cant recall any nerd followings here, except for their popular single lapdance, i don’t know anything about nerd… maybe i’m ignorant… but a main event band is suppose to be more widely appealing i reckon…

me? i won’t be there. definitely. unless i get a free pass *hint* even then i will seriously consider giving up the pass to someone else. yes, that’s how bad it is. even a free pass might not get me to go. i guess the only way i will go is if i were playing =D




One response

22 02 2009

But what if…. there are other International acts?
a lil birdy told me a certain cold and play might be coming…
still dun want free tickets??

µ:zician: well, i always thought that that was just a marketing strategy. but “free” and “coldplay” in the same statement is a very powerful statement. so powerful it’s illegal to say no to it =D

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