the inhumanity

22 02 2009

i don’t know about u, but i just noticed that my “mjuzik” blog doesn’t really contain music posts these days. well, there was that post on sunburst i guess. and now something crazy has happened yet again.

unless you’re still in kindergarden, don’t watch tv, don’t surf the internet, don’t talk to people, live in the jungle, isolate yourself from society or are a frog underneath a ‘tempurung’ you would definitely know what’s going on between rihanna and chris brown right now. nothing much can be said about what happened. though it’s still speculation that chris brown did what we think he did, he’s pretty much the only suspect thus far.

i must say though that girls sometimes act in ways that make us wanna do these kinda things to them, just as we guys sometimes act in ways that make girls wanna do these things to us. but we all know that no one actually does them. it just ain’t right.

enough talk. let a picture speak to you.





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