no coldplay. no sunburst.

25 02 2009

the worst has been confirmed. sunburst’s wildcard ain’t coming to town. so all u people who hoped they would’ve come, sucks to be u right now. the possibility for success looked alright though, with them being in asia around the time of sunburst. but i guess it just didn’t happen

i’m forseeing a lot of tickets being sold at slightly cheaper than the retail price from now til the concert date. thank God i didn’t get my ticket yet.

now only 2 things can make me go for sunburst. if i get a free ticket AND (not or) a good group of my friends are going as well. so *ehem* mel? =D

there are bands who i think will be a hit on that night. like that indo band that sings “kau begitu sempurna, di mataku kau begitu indah…” i do seriously hope it doesn’t rain like it did last year.

sorry to the NERD fans out there. how many of them are there here in malaysia? wonder how many nerd albums have been sold here.

sorry deric. your dream didn’t come true. now lets see whether weezer will come anytime soon =]

still my all time favourite coldplay song =]




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