why u2 is the greatest band in the world

1 03 2009

no, the answer is not bono. actually, it is la. but not in this post! =P why? coz we all already know all about bono. lets look at the edge =]

now i don’t know much about him. don’t really plan to as well hehe. but i was caught in a youtube spree and what i saw was pretty amazing, though i’m quite aware that there are many others out there who can do exactly what he does or even better.

3 major things i’ve learnt from these videos.

  1. now that’s a real roadie. malaysian roadies are nothing compared to the edge’s roadie. i wonder when i would actually need my own roadie. hmm.
  2. even if i had the chance/money to experiment with as much as the edge has, i think i’ll still never be as great as that.
  3. this is the kinda level your music needs to be if u wanna be a u2 in the future. and i reckon i’m pretty far away from it =\

also. you have to be u2 to command a crowd this big to want to come out to look at a balcony 5 storeys (or more) above you and kill their necks just to watch and listen to your songs.




3 responses

3 03 2009

Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

µ:zician: thanks! keep dropping by aiight? =]

8 04 2009

good content you got here. write more..

9 04 2009

thx bro =] urs is not so bad too bro… unfortunately i don’t know most of the bands u talk bout. OASIS!!!

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