the bucket list

5 03 2009

the_bucket_list believe it or not, this is the only movie so far that has made me cry. haha yeah i’m a wuss, not proud of it. if u haven’t watched it you need to. if u’ve already watched it, watch it again. morgan freeman and jack nicholson, these 2 old men work together brilliantly. i was this close from tasting kopi luwak in bali, but the place was closed when i got there =\

the most rarest beverage in the world. apparently the most expensive as well. know why?

here’s my favourite quote in this movie: i believe that you measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you – carter chambers, the bucket list (2007)

does anyone measure themselves by me? anyone? hello? =\

now. time to write my bucket list. hmm.




2 responses

5 03 2009

very good movie.

you’ll never know who’d measure themselves by you by asking… It’s through living that you’ll see how you’ve affected others so much so that they’d measure themselves by you. 🙂

µ:zician: now that’s the sucky part. not knowing who they are =P

3 12 2010
Ferrous Sulfate

there are very few talented actors that is as versatile as morgan freeman `”:

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