streamyx roxorz (part 2)

14 03 2009

remember this? well, guess what? its the 14th already, and our internet connection is still same ole same ole. makes you wonder whether that whole cable problem thingy was real, or just another of their excuses. wire putus la. malaysians watching/downloading too much porn la. torrent users sucking up all their bandwidth la. these are the 3 that i most commonly hear. have u heard others?

the next article on them should better read something like this:

Malaysia: Streamyx broadband users will have to continue bearing with sluggish surfing speeds until you discover that you will never get decent internet speed as long as we are under the government’s wing.

TM has finally come clean to the Malaysian public after misleading them with many excuses, blaming horny porn downloaders, torrent users and even a cable malfunction which nobody could proof since it was an underwater cable.

TM also admits that they not only have never had the capabilities to deliver any of the said data rates that they promote, but also that they oversell their internet service packages which further reduces internet browsing speed to that comparable to our dial-up days with Jaring 1511.

With all that being said, Malaysia’s only hope is that the companies that have been given the licences to operate WiMax internet connections deliver upon their promises so that the rakyat may switch over and finally be able to go to google, wikipedia or without any delays.





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