earth hour malaysia compilation cd

28 03 2009

earth hour gig was stellar! if u weren’t there, u missed out on something big. too bad for u =\ anyway…

oh lookie here. i’m in a compilation! woohoo! who says u need to have an album b4 u can get onto a compilation huh? =] oh yeah, its free too!


so if you don’t have one, well u have to hurry on to one of these locations today! i’m not sure where/when else they will be available. local radio stations and websites are giving them out too! just click on the pic above, and you’ll be directed to a superb site that tells u the locations =]

i haven’t heard the compilation yet, but i heard its good. apparently cds that go through proper burning for audio cd sales have a better quality compared to burning/cetak rompak that ppl commonly do using computer burners. the bands on it are great too! altered frequency, army of three, fourletterstory, pg165, scene at the movies, unabashed and under headlights (that’s me!)

did i mention its free? well, technically la. all u have to do is sign up and pledge to switch of your lights and nonessential electrical stuff TODAY from 830-930pm. easy right? u save electric, the world AND you get a free cd with good quality amazing bands. what a win-win situation for everyone =]




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