mono m80. you know you want it.

6 04 2009




it’s here! and yes, it is the best gigbag in the world! =P not that i have used many gigbags to date. this one just looks the coolest! now the love story begins.

looking at it, it is much bigger than my previous gigbag which was a fender gigbag that came with a bass that i previously bought. it was padded but not fully padded so it was a lot sleeker than the m80. and well, that’s probably the only think that my previous gigbag trumps the m80 at =P

the m80 has a few compartments for u to put lotsa stuff inside em. and they’re not just compartments, they have more compartments in them! the big pocket at the front end has cable management and what i think is a cd compartment. and an additional “hidden” pocket at the top of the m80 holds ur smaller things. tuners, baby wipes, screwdrivers, etc.

neck saver! this obviously saves ur neck in the event ur gigbag were to accidentally drop. but with a beauty like this, u’d never let it out of ur sight, so i don’t think it will drop much because of its hotness as well =] did i mention there’s a pick compartment at the neck saver?

strap pin protection! don’t know what that is? well, gigbags are usually put on the floor on, u guessed it, resting on the guitar’s strap pin. now what this m80 does is it instead puts the load of ur heavy 28-string bass  on the body of the bass rather than the little tiny strap pin. amazing huh?

apparently its also waterproof, but i have yet to test that one out yet =]

pads everywhere. hardcase-like protection with abs panels at the head and the body. anti-skip zippers. super plush smooth interior. strong straps and handle fastened by steel studs, so its equally strong worn as a backpack or just carried with ur hands. and have u ever had ur backpack straps dangling all over the place when u decide to just carry ur gigbag with 1 hand? well the m80 has a compartment to tuck ur backpack straps in! now talk about thinking out of the box for u.

its beauty can only be appreciated live in living colour, and by touching 😀

to the one who got it for me. you shouldn’t have, but i’m not complaining =] thank you u!




4 responses

6 04 2009

*wipes drool off chin*

7 04 2009

hohoho… my bag waterproof, but duno saliva-proof onot ok!

17 05 2011

where you got mono m80?

18 05 2011

ck music @ jalan imbi KL =]

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