save me from myself

9 04 2009

sounds like a pretty emo title eh? you can kinda image me at the corner of my room,  dim lights with an empty bottle of heineken by my side. i’m curled up in a fetus position, a little tear in my eye. holding a razor in my right hand and my scribbled last words to the world on a crumpled paper in my left, i’m ready to meet my maker.

but we all know my emo days are over eh? heh.

brian_head_welch_1do you know this face?

you don’t? ah, here are some clues:

1. he is a musician
2. his stage name is one of a part of your body
3. his ex-band is the name of a particular yellow fruit comically spelt with a “k” instead of a “c”

for the uninformed ppl who never experienced the nu metal wave that came in the 90s, this is brian “head” welch, former lead guitarist of pioneering nu metal band korn. though i’m not a particular big fan, i must say that i really love a few of their tracks, namely freak on the leash (something takes a part of me), their cover of Cameo’s Word Up and their recent hit twisted transistor.

so yeah a small conversation on korn (that’s all i’m capable of) and now head left the band some 4 years ago after he went to church and accepted Christianity into his life. and now, what we all have been waiting for is here. head’s solo project! titled… you can guess this one =]

head_save_me_from_myselfsave me from myself

i must say the few tracks i’ve listened to on this album sounds really interesting. its still very much loud, hardcore and full of screams, so don’t expect head to suddenly become steven curtis chapman aiight? if you’re a fan of loud music with that nu metal influence then go on and sample some of his tracks by clicking on the album art above.

brian_head_welch_2would your mum consider this a good influence? hmm…

i think a nice controversial song he has is die religion die which he says is about how religious ppl use the bible and its content to give them “the right” to judge ppl which is quite true in today’s world. i think we have too many ppl with strong opinions who speak up too often and think they know more than they do.

here’s a little snippet of a telephone interview he did


You achieved an incredible amount of success while you were in Korn. You scored two Grammys, you won several MTV awards and sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Can you define what success meant to you while you were in Korn, and then define what success means to you now?

To me, success meant getting a record deal when I started out in Korn. After that happened, I started making a lot of money and the success just went through the roof: I got a gold record, a platinum record, and then we hit No. 1 on the Billboard chart. You can’t get any higher than that! It was cool, but then I thought: “Is this it? I’ve reached my goal. I climbed the mountain of success, I reached the top and I hit the bell. Ding! I made it! Now the only way to go is down because I already made it to the top.” It was like, O.K., I rang the bell at the top, but it just didn’t satisfy me.

Now success is watching what God is doing through me. Jesus already won! He’s the success. He died on the cross, and it’s finished. He said, “It is finished.” So once I came to Christ, I reached the ultimate success! Now it’s both of us completing the work that we have together on earth, but that just flows and happens. [Sometimes I battle] with depression, but I don’t freak out because God is faithful. He’ll get me out of it, and it’s already done. Jesus did everything; that’s success—He’s my success!


he sounds so Christian eh? read the whole thing here

and just for fun, some videos!




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