mono m80. you know you want it.

6 04 2009




it’s here! and yes, it is the best gigbag in the world! =P not that i have used many gigbags to date. this one just looks the coolest! now the love story begins.

looking at it, it is much bigger than my previous gigbag which was a fender gigbag that came with a bass that i previously bought. it was padded but not fully padded so it was a lot sleeker than the m80. and well, that’s probably the only think that my previous gigbag trumps the m80 at =P

the m80 has a few compartments for u to put lotsa stuff inside em. and they’re not just compartments, they have more compartments in them! the big pocket at the front end has cable management and what i think is a cd compartment. and an additional “hidden” pocket at the top of the m80 holds ur smaller things. tuners, baby wipes, screwdrivers, etc.

neck saver! this obviously saves ur neck in the event ur gigbag were to accidentally drop. but with a beauty like this, u’d never let it out of ur sight, so i don’t think it will drop much because of its hotness as well =] did i mention there’s a pick compartment at the neck saver?

strap pin protection! don’t know what that is? well, gigbags are usually put on the floor on, u guessed it, resting on the guitar’s strap pin. now what this m80 does is it instead puts the load of ur heavy 28-string bass  on the body of the bass rather than the little tiny strap pin. amazing huh?

apparently its also waterproof, but i have yet to test that one out yet =]

pads everywhere. hardcase-like protection with abs panels at the head and the body. anti-skip zippers. super plush smooth interior. strong straps and handle fastened by steel studs, so its equally strong worn as a backpack or just carried with ur hands. and have u ever had ur backpack straps dangling all over the place when u decide to just carry ur gigbag with 1 hand? well the m80 has a compartment to tuck ur backpack straps in! now talk about thinking out of the box for u.

its beauty can only be appreciated live in living colour, and by touching 😀

to the one who got it for me. you shouldn’t have, but i’m not complaining =] thank you u!


my baby love

20 02 2008

i think its about time i premiered this to the world. can’t keep beauty like this hidden in the closet =]

tats duff mckagan, bassist of guns n roses and velvet revolvers. yup i’m using his bass. but theoratically, he’s using my bass as well. hehehe

this is my 1st venture into the world of single coil pickups. and yes, i have grounding/60cycle hum issues. at least i think i do. well. finally i see myself not changing my bass guitar for a very long time.


yet to name it. any suggestions? =] no actual pics coz photography aint my best skill 😉

also. i’m seriously considering doing something. anything to it. cosmetics-wise. things that have crossed my mind:

  1. get a pickguard for it. prolly a black gloss one.
  2. racing stripes (like my 1st wife).
  3. spray painting my precision pickup cover, my bridge pickup volume knob and my B string tuner white (or maybe red?).
  4. *insert your suggestion here*


28 09 2007


alas we have to part ways *sniff* had load of fun with you. my first stage performance. my first battle of the bands. my first paid gig. my first jump with a bass. but now its time to say goodbye. i wish i didn’t have to. *sigh* i’ll always remember you. a fond memory in my mind.




on the contrary

21 03 2007

after the super success of mike shinoda’s side project, fort minor. lp fans around the world feared the worse: this is where linkin park dies as a super band. mike shinoda leaves the band. lp left with just chester on vocals. songs become full of shouting. lp fans unhappy. lp dies.

yo. you gotta lose some weight dude~

but no! haha, told u so! they’re back, better than ever, and still funny as ever (especially joe hahn) hohoho~ well, enjoy this! thx to yvonne for it =]

they’re back! they’re back! *jumps around* CRAWLING IN MY SKI….. *cough* *cough* *cough* deng, still cant do that shouting shyt =P


pheonix plays an ernie ball musicman axe

ritter royals – the shudarella

12 03 2007

in society today, there is a growing need for cosmetic-oriented things. why do i say so. well, this phenomenon is named by me as ada-gaya-takda-daya =P although having both would be the best, ppl tend to compromise on the daya these days to opt for something more gaya, with a more “wow” factor when you look at it.

the most obvious trend today would be the mobile phone, since everyone, even the nice cleaning ladies in foe have phones. i think you’ve heard of them. to name a few, there are the motorola v3, lg chocolate, etc. not only have they stopped there, even motorola have collaborated with d&g, while lg are hooking up wit prada.

which brings me to the topic. wat u see up there. the title. yeah. tats the name of an axe tat my lead guitarist has shown me one fine day. and boy does it look sweet!! i dont care how it sounds man. the looks bring saliva to my mouth. touching it. carressing it. licking it (ok, maybe thats a lil too far) well u get my point.

here it is. finally a bass guitar on my wishlist. a one you can actually buy for me brand new! haha, although it costs 17.000 EUR =[ art on the axe is by german artist shudarella


orange on white. sweet!


closeup on the detail


check out the detail! even the neck is not forgotten! *bounce*

still looking for that multi-millionaire friend. where are you? =P

my passion. my music.

8 10 2006

i’m at a place where i haven’t really gotten into this place where i start looking at the tone, depth, what wood my neck is made of, the strings gauge, the pickups i use, the distance my strings are from the fretboard, all that shit. hmm, for the ones with the lost look in your eyes, i’m talking about my bass guitar playing. yes i appreciate the way my baby sounds like and i know what types of sounds i like, what tone i prefer but it basically ends there. i dont know whether i’d prefer a medium gauge string compared to a low. i dont know the difference between the sound a maple wood fretboard and a rosewood fretboard produce. i dont know what active pickups are good, or what passive pickups are good. right now, i’m basically a binary man. when i see a bass, i know one of the two are true:

  • i like it
  • i don’t like it

and when i hear the sound of a bass guitar, i too also know one of the two are true:

  • i like how it sounds
  • i don’t like how it sounds

well, i might “try” to appear more knowlegable by saying some smart stuff like “i like the tone and depth of the B-string” or “it sounds to metallic” or “i like this level of warmness” heck when i say these things, half of the time i don’t know what i’m talking about (i think) a great big part of me still rates the quality of a guitar based on one thing: the aesthetics appearance it gives me =] hohoho, sounds a little materialistic and all right? well thats part of the reason why i dig new age basses with active pickups so much. they just look so COOL. i don’t know about you, but fat, thick pickups are my thing (to the eye, that is), not thin little j-pickups, they just dont look good imho.

drooL* the warwick fortress one (1994) the next addition to me wishlist =]

light grenades

5 10 2006

yes! incubus is coming out with a new album =] after a crow left for murder, they’ve taken quite some time to churn out this new piece, no complains though, just anticipating its arrival. hohoho~ its suppose to come out this november. produced by brendan o’brien, the guy who did the likes of pearl jam, korn, bob dylan, etc.

hmm. that last sentence made me sound like i actually knew brendan o’brien’s work. haha.

excited man! heh, maybe because these days i’ve been listening to new bands that are popping up every second. i guess it would b nice to hear something from a band thats been around for more than 10 years. imagine being in a band for 10 years. i mean, come to think of it, fmc was formed almost a year ago. 10 years. well, if its economically-friendly, ergo the pay being good, to invest your whole life into a band in malaysia, then why not right? besides the sounds that comes out from einziger’s guitar are just wicked! a very funk band. should fmc’s music be funk? nonono, not punk please. punk is filled with power chords and i-hate-my-life-my-life-sucks-pity-me lyrics. ew. funk is full of add9, dim7, chords u’ve never heard of, guitars that don’t sound like guitars, and lyrics. ouh, the lyrics. how do you write something with issues like megalomaniac, mirror emotions like i miss you, and yet have the on-stage powerhouse songs like make a move and subtality like drive? i’m just in awe. hmm, i need to find myself a turntablist for fmc too. hohoho.

ben kenney – incubus bassist