beat the system @ the star youth2

12 03 2008

bought the star today? well, although they are very controlled by BN, i shall advertise them on this blog just this once =] there was a short writeup in the youth2 section on several local bands. they only highlighted 2 bands though: dragon red & beat the system. so, click here to jump to it.

my name is there, though i’m not in the picture due to the recentness of my entry to the band =\ its all good though.

army of three is also gonna b on a touring gig in johor next saturday. check them out if u have the time. its during midterm break =]

p/s: added 1 friends quote, and updated my wishlist =] *bounce*

p/s2: for a good laugh at how i have looked like before, click here =]



27 02 2008

have u ever done all this in a day

  • a group meeting
  • driving for close to 2 hours
  • jamming for 6 hours

well i have. and i’m currently dead. its been a long time since i’ve ached throughout my body. yes. for the uninformed, it wasnt just jamming. we were recording some vids for a diy mtv project. so its actually 6 hours of jumping, headbanging, etc.


my top 3

22 02 2008

these are the ppl that i’m trying to play like / sound like / groove like / jump around like / etc etc =]

my top 3 list =D

alex katunich aka dirk lance – ex incubus bassist
ben kenney – current incubus bassist
sam rivers – limp bizkit
yeah. i’m surprised the likes of flea or victor wooten or billy sheehan didn’t make the list. only recently began paying attention to sam rivers tho. nice grooves. nice tone. nice move. best yet, he uses custom made warwicks. dirk uses warwicks too. kenney is a lakland supporter. nvr tried those b4.
who is in YOUR top 3? =]