beat the system @ the star youth2

12 03 2008

bought the star today? well, although they are very controlled by BN, i shall advertise them on this blog just this once =] there was a short writeup in the youth2 section on several local bands. they only highlighted 2 bands though: dragon red & beat the system. so, click here to jump to it.

my name is there, though i’m not in the picture due to the recentness of my entry to the band =\ its all good though.

army of three is also gonna b on a touring gig in johor next saturday. check them out if u have the time. its during midterm break =]

p/s: added 1 friends quote, and updated my wishlist =] *bounce*

p/s2: for a good laugh at how i have looked like before, click here =]



27 02 2008

have u ever done all this in a day

  • a group meeting
  • driving for close to 2 hours
  • jamming for 6 hours

well i have. and i’m currently dead. its been a long time since i’ve ached throughout my body. yes. for the uninformed, it wasnt just jamming. we were recording some vids for a diy mtv project. so its actually 6 hours of jumping, headbanging, etc.


bts @ 1cafe

11 02 2008

no, this blog is not dead.

the owner however. heh.

well. i’m trying to kill my laziness. so bear with me =] i’ll b playing at this new place called one cafe with beat the system on the 16/2. would be cool if u came to support us. we’ll be playing a few old songs as well as 1-2 new songs. so if u haven’t heard me in my new band, pls drop by. i might even buy u a drink =] here’s a map in case u don’t know where it is. its somewhere around the pudu, central market area.


time details would be announced later. prolly evening-night-ish =]

bts : rottw&klfm

4 12 2007

my other band qualified for this event. really thank God that we did, cause its a nationwide BOTB, and i haven’t played at any event with more than 300 people. if u can come, pls let me know. its quite far though, rawang ><


oh yeah, i’ll also be on RADIO tomorrow. tune in to KL FM 97.2FM at 3PM, its basically an interview. some of our tracks will be played obviously. i’m sure they’ll accept callers, so do show your support if you can =]