the journey 5

14 03 2010

it’s here! =D *jumps around*


the journey 4

11 03 2010

it’s here! =]

the journey 3

10 03 2010

oh no, it’s lost! where are you? 😦

the journey 2

7 03 2010

it’s here now…

the journey 1

5 03 2010

it starts here…


21 02 2010

that’s the number of days that we’re in to 2010. let’s see what i’ve achieved so far…

  1. i’ve got a new job
  2. big things happening for my bands (stay tuned)
  3. learning to walk toward God

it’s funny how you can feel close to God and yet not be close to Him at all, doncha think? i think i’ve been like that for quite some time. it’s kinda scary, how we can bluff ourselves that everything’s alright when it’s not.

not that things are bad, but they’re not good =]

hopefully things will change.

oh look. day 52 is here.

it’s been a long time

4 08 2009

i think i should start blogging again.


what do you think?