light grenades

5 10 2006

yes! incubus is coming out with a new album =] after a crow left for murder, they’ve taken quite some time to churn out this new piece, no complains though, just anticipating its arrival. hohoho~ its suppose to come out this november. produced by brendan o’brien, the guy who did the likes of pearl jam, korn, bob dylan, etc.

hmm. that last sentence made me sound like i actually knew brendan o’brien’s work. haha.

excited man! heh, maybe because these days i’ve been listening to new bands that are popping up every second. i guess it would b nice to hear something from a band thats been around for more than 10 years. imagine being in a band for 10 years. i mean, come to think of it, fmc was formed almost a year ago. 10 years. well, if its economically-friendly, ergo the pay being good, to invest your whole life into a band in malaysia, then why not right? besides the sounds that comes out from einziger’s guitar are just wicked! a very funk band. should fmc’s music be funk? nonono, not punk please. punk is filled with power chords and i-hate-my-life-my-life-sucks-pity-me lyrics. ew. funk is full of add9, dim7, chords u’ve never heard of, guitars that don’t sound like guitars, and lyrics. ouh, the lyrics. how do you write something with issues like megalomaniac, mirror emotions like i miss you, and yet have the on-stage powerhouse songs like make a move and subtality like drive? i’m just in awe. hmm, i need to find myself a turntablist for fmc too. hohoho.

ben kenney – incubus bassist