1 10 2007

i like this clip… if u turn the audio off and just watch d clip… just going crazy in the studio, tried out this new studio opposite sunway pyramid, biggest issue about the place was the slow cooling aircon for me, but i think chiam would say that it was the crappy drumkit =P well, there’re too many mistakes in this clip, i was just focusing on nailing the “paramore” jump. hehe, watch out for it =]

used my me-8b’s octaver to add an octave lower to whatever i’m playing coz this song’s meant for a 5-string bass, and the only bass they had in the studio was a 4-string fender jazz copy. kinda surprised weeliem’s n70 could actually pick up the sound of my bass playing in the clip though. thx to steph for videoing the song =]


cfmmu 10th anniversary

21 08 2007

my uni recently turned 10, and so has my cf! yeah, pretty awesome. it came a long way from the handful of students that used to gather, to once being the largest “unsanctioned” cf in the country =P yeah, sounds pretty exciting rite? well, some of them seniors decided that they wanted to round up all batches of the cf for a reunion and guess wat? about 200+ ppl turned up. really cool to catch up with everyone tat i haven’t seen for a long time.

anyway, i got the priviledge to play alongside pg165 with oneted at this event. here’s one of the songs we played. a cover of a song 1 particular senior wrote that impacted the lives of a few of my bandmates. kinda like a tribute to him i guess =P well, enjoy! p/s: pardon all of my mistakes =P

pics will be up soon. hopefully.

event review: teenacity

9 04 2007

young ppl rock. haha, well tats not entirely true. i guess teenacity (funky name for their teens group) peeps rock! they are an amazing crowd, very responsive. you dont feel all alone up on stage when u’re playing for them =]

sorry no pictures! couldn’t find any1 that has any. didn’t even see any cameras on that day actually. now, back to the event…

it was a nice, small crowd. about 20-30 ppl. sound was echo-y but surprisingly nice. maybe its because acts is blessed wit a sweet ampeg bass amplifier! *drooLz* well, we came on after the worship and announcements, and rocked 3 songs b4 handing the time over to ps. andy.

i was going a little overboard with my stage presence thingy i reckon. there are times i get to caught up at trying to feel the music, tat i end up playing the wrong note =P then there was this time where i jumped, and landed on my cable, hence breaking the connection to the amp… hehehe

good stuff of the day

  • nice crowd = stage presence comes more naturally
  • nice amp= bass sounds better than bassist is actually playing =P
  • its easier to play to strangers than friends (for me at least)

not-so-good stuff of the day

  • we weren’t really prepared. we were playing a new cover (united live – can’t live a day). but everyone was focusing on Him, not us. so i guess our mistakes here and there weren’t tat noticable =P
  • wee liem couldnt reach the highest notes on the new song =P

there’s a certain joy. a certain satisfaction.

when u make music, and ppl worship God from it.

teenacity pre-easter

6 04 2007


acts church, 2nd floor, summit hotel
7th april

for the uninformed public who has yet to hear our original songs, do come and show ur support and to scream “lenard rox!” =]

l.i.f.e rally 07

19 03 2007

i’ll be helping out this band called oneted for this gig. some christian event in grace assembly pj. hope to learn something out of this. work a lil on my stage presence perhaps =P

oneted’s music style. hmm, quite hard to put a finger on it. since they have 3 songwriters in the band right now, (the other guy writes chinese songs though =P) i would say they’re growing into each others style.

on one hand, you have the worship-y simple-words-deep-meanings esther, the drive-y, i’m-cool-coz-i-got-a-les-paul-and-a-gt8 weeliem, and their beloved band leader, i-set-up-my-drumkit-weirdly-coz-i-think-its-cool joshua! not forgetting, i-smile-with-sepet-eyes-and-get-all-the-girls-crazy-about-us cheemeng! (no blog to link) haha…


so this is the life of a sessionist eh? hohoho~ not nearly 20% as good as sessionist. just getting a cheapshot at how they live =P hope on here to find out more. your support, for me, and for the band, is much appreciated =]