23 03 2007

1 word says it all. thats happening to my life right now. change. for the better. i hope. life has become a dull routine for me. class (if i wake up), eat, some fresh prince of bel air, fmc, sleep. gosh, tats when i realized i need to have a better routine in this journey. hey, you only live once right?

  • switching on the lyrical creativity. yes, if you knew what’s going on in fmc, although we’ve been together for over a yr, we only have 1 song. its a real good one imho, but its sad that there’s only one. for the uninformed, i havent written anything since fmc birthed. yeah, sux no? well, been having good riff ideas while showering recently. hopefully there’s something there =]
  • switching off my alarm clock and getting up for class. haha, yes. i seem to have this knack to off my alarm clock subconsciously. u see, i put my phone quite far from my arm’s reach, so that i’ll have to get up to turn it off. but these days, i wake up 2 hrs later, with my phone in my hands, alarm off-ed -_-”’ i amaze myself. now if only i can subconsiously study. hmm…
  • switching on and off my new chorus pedal. WOOHOO! i finally got an effect pedal, and i didn’t even buy it. thx goes out to fmc (vic, julz, weiming), screws (ven, zongz, waikit, turtlez, hupz, hwongz, imbap3h, chinkuang), carpethair, toosexyforherblog, june, shecantdrink and rachel for this wonderful thing i can step on! still in the experimenting stage now. pics of my baby will b up shortly =]
  • switching from shoutbox-ing to commenting. yeah, i know its pretty much the same thing, but as a blogger, i always appreciate commenting more. and i imagine others do as well. hmm, maybe its bcoz i dont have a shoutbox. haha, well, commenting has less chance of spam, since its more tedious =]

>< and suddenly i cant seem to remember all the other switches. aihz, i need ginko biloba =P

…can i just live this life, as if it were not mine? :: oneted – go with me ::