glory glory man uni… what the?!?!?

12 03 2010

malaysia is really a sucker when it comes to wasting resources, with the latest example being the petrol subsidy system review. how does that waste resources? well, implementation takes money. the systems to give different people different subsidies. the people to design the system. the rollout of the system. it all takes money, and it all is a waste.

thank God that’s gone. for now at least.

here we have another interesting example. now, what could tmnet, malaysia’s slowest number 1 internet service provider have to do with manchester united, the greatest football club in the history of mankind? nothing at all. and yet here we have this:

Manchester United has signed Malaysia’s leading telecommunications provider, Telekom Malaysia, on a five-year deal to become its Official Integrated Telecommunications Partner in the country.”

integrated telecommunications partner? what the heck is that? why does man utd need an integrated telecommunications partner anyway? i bet anyone in any tmpoint outlet wouldn’t be able to justify what just happened right here. i’m literally speechless, the only thing i can ponder is how much is tmnet paying man utd coz confirm + guarantee man utd ain’t gonna pay tmnet for any “integrated telecommunications partner” thingy.

i think tmnet thought that we malaysians would be impressed that they could get a deal with such a football team in the epl, but instead i as a streamyx user can only wonder where the money i’m paying for my monthly broadband is going. it definitely is not going to repairs at underwater cables that seem to disrupt everytime. it’s not going to improving their QoS as well.

and to make it worse, remember that man utd deals in british pounds, not malaysian ringgit.

i think whoever thought up of this marketing plan in tmnet must be feeling superbly proud right now, almost as proud as the dude in the govt that proposed that 1malaysia should have a facebook account. but boy are they wrong.

now i’m just waiting for some other ISP to cover my housing area. then bye bye streamyx. oh yeah, here’s my favourite part of the article:

“Just like Manchester United, winning and being the best at what we’re at is our business, and that is why we believe this partnership will benefit both entities. This agreement also goes to show that anything is possible when we connect, communicate, and collaborate.”

read more here


streamyx roxorz (part 2)

14 03 2009

remember this? well, guess what? its the 14th already, and our internet connection is still same ole same ole. makes you wonder whether that whole cable problem thingy was real, or just another of their excuses. wire putus la. malaysians watching/downloading too much porn la. torrent users sucking up all their bandwidth la. these are the 3 that i most commonly hear. have u heard others?

the next article on them should better read something like this:

Malaysia: Streamyx broadband users will have to continue bearing with sluggish surfing speeds until you discover that you will never get decent internet speed as long as we are under the government’s wing.

TM has finally come clean to the Malaysian public after misleading them with many excuses, blaming horny porn downloaders, torrent users and even a cable malfunction which nobody could proof since it was an underwater cable.

TM also admits that they not only have never had the capabilities to deliver any of the said data rates that they promote, but also that they oversell their internet service packages which further reduces internet browsing speed to that comparable to our dial-up days with Jaring 1511.

With all that being said, Malaysia’s only hope is that the companies that have been given the licences to operate WiMax internet connections deliver upon their promises so that the rakyat may switch over and finally be able to go to google, wikipedia or without any delays.


the bucket list

5 03 2009

the_bucket_list believe it or not, this is the only movie so far that has made me cry. haha yeah i’m a wuss, not proud of it. if u haven’t watched it you need to. if u’ve already watched it, watch it again. morgan freeman and jack nicholson, these 2 old men work together brilliantly. i was this close from tasting kopi luwak in bali, but the place was closed when i got there =\

the most rarest beverage in the world. apparently the most expensive as well. know why?

here’s my favourite quote in this movie: i believe that you measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you – carter chambers, the bucket list (2007)

does anyone measure themselves by me? anyone? hello? =\

now. time to write my bucket list. hmm.

is this obsession?

14 12 2008


i hear there are worse freaks of this game compared to me. apparently the fastest solitaire game was something like 20 seconds. i wonder whether i will ever reach a freaky stage as that.


i’m a super duper gamer freak

13 12 2008


yeah. i’m a microsoft game gamer woot~ 90 seconds yo!

is this good, or is this bad?

7 12 2008

i haven’t been blogging for quite some time, so out of curiousity i logged in to check how my site was doing. turns out it has been doing better than when i actually did update it frequently!

i’m talking about the traffic obviously. just yesterday, 200 people viewed my blog which has not been updated for the past 3 months.

so now i’m wondering. if i’m not doing anything, and traffic is getting better, should i start updating again?



13 09 2008

it makes you do weird things…

yeah i know, its not that quick, but its my fastest so far =P