facebook made me do it!

21 02 2009

i found this cool article on newsweek. though i don’t really identify with it, i’m sure a lot of people do =] i copied the whole article here for your ease.

Everybody loves to complain about Facebook. But I’ve been wading through all the nonstop commentary over the last few weeks and I’ve made a startling discovery. Everybody also lies about why they use Facebook. After exhaustive research, here are the Seven Lies You Tell Yourself About Facebook.

1. I Only Friend People I Really Know: Stop pretending you have standards; you will friend anyone. You would accept Bernie Madoff if he asked. You want your friend count to be sky-high. That’s why I accept all sorts of people I haven’t seen in 20 years and couldn’t pick out of a line-up. I refuseto have one less friend than my arch nemesis from college. I will not tolerate a lower count than my annoying colleague who sucks her teeth in meetings whenever I say anything. Admit it, you’re no better than I am–how many of your “friends” would you invite to your house?

2. Facebook Made Me Do It: Facebook didn’t make you tell all 1,384 of your friends that you once had chlamydia. Facebook didn’t hold your hand onto the mouse and force you to type: “Josh is in favor of slapping geese and women,” as one of your “25 random things” and it certainly didn’t waterboard you into asking everyone what their slave name is. Psychiatrists call this “externalizing blame.” It’s a way to lay-off shame and self-loathing onto somebody (or something) else so you can feel better about yourself. I once wrote, “Raina is feeling like the cat’s meow,” and hated Facebook for days because of it. I know now that it was nobody else’s fault but my own.

3. Wall-to-Wall Flirting Isn’t Cheating: Just because it’s called “social networking” with “friends” doesn’t make hard-core online flirting OK. Do not try and tell me that you were surprised when your boyfriend left you after he read your pornographic wall-to-wall with his cousin. Also: stop sending your assistant cute virtual gifts. Virtual gifting counts. In fact, it’s probably not appropriate for you to be “friending” her or the cute summer intern in the first place. Same thing goes for wall-to-wall stalking the love of your 7th grade life. Online harassment is just as bad as the bricks and mortar kind.

4. I Use Facebook to Keep in Touch With People: No, the truth is you’re nosy. Admit it. You scour the profiles of other people for the same reason I do. You want to know their business. Facebook isn’t addictive–your desire to know what other people are up to is addictive. The over-sharing thrills you. I know I’m hooked. Don’t you hunt through your friends’ walls looking for any scrap of information that will produce that warm tingly schadenfreude feeling?

Facebook is our own personal reality show and our friends are the stars. What else besides “American Idol” or “Project Runway” allows you to be so judgmental while wearing pajamas? If people stopped revealing ridiculous stuff about themselves in their status updates, “Rock of Love” would be your “guilty pleasure” instead. You know you’re dying to discover your college roommate lives in a trailer in his mom’s backyard. I literally cried from joy when I saw that an ex-boyfriend was sporting a comb-over.

5. I’m Soooo Over Facebook: Come on. You love Facebook for exactly the reasons you pretend to hate it … it’s the Big Thing. And we’re not falling for that ironic distancing pose you’ve been adopting lately. We know you spend hours looking for former girlfriends or that guy who you loved from freshman psych but didn’t have the courage to talk to. I tried to act all Margaret Meadish when I first joined Facebook (“It’s a classic example of mass hysteria inspired by our collective need to be famous. Blah, blah, blah.”) But everybody knew I wasn’t on there doing social anthropology. I was on there because I wanted to snicker at that girl I went to elementary school with who reports every single one of the eight pomegranate martinis she drinks every night.

6. And I am Soooo Not Competitive: We don’t just want more friends than everybody else; we also want the highest score in Word Twist and the most virtual Easter Eggs. I recently spent nearly 24 hours playing Scramble on Facebook until I had a higher score than my friend Dough Dough. Why? Because I knew Facebook would send him a note that said; “Raina has beaten your personal high score on Scramble.” When he commented on his complete and total defeat, I just said; “I didn’t know Facebook would tell you that. OMG! LOL!” We love Facebook because it allows you to gloat to your heart’s content and hide that self-satisfied smirk on your face behind the wall of the Internet. By the way, if you have a Scramble score higher than 147, don’t even think about friending me.

7. Facebook is My Friend: No, it’s a business (albeit one that has yet to make money). Everyone knows casinos hide the exits and pump oxygen into the air to keep you gambling and get all your money. Facebook is doing the same thing but with avatars and Food Flings. They want to trap you behind their dotcom walls so they can attract advertisers. Think about it. If Facebook really loved you, they wouldn’t run those “5 Friends HATE you!” banners on the top of Scramble. And have you ever had a friend try to take ownership of all the posts and baby pictures you sent them for who knows what reason? Nor has a “friend” ever taunted me with ads that implied Obama owed me $12,000 in personal-stimulus money.

with all that being said, the main reason i hooked on to facebook is because it became SO big here in malaysia. because of this, everyone’s on it and thus it makes it a superb networking and marketing platform =] it’s particularly useful for bands in malaysia as well, seeing that myspace didn’t really take of here locally. though i must agree, u do get more spam than genuinely important stuff =]


tu dabel ow naine

8 01 2009

1st thing u would naturally do, try to recall past resolutions though most are usually forgotten before they are even made. i somehow only remember making 1 though, coz i thought that if i kept it at just 1 then there was a higher possibility of it materializing. but it didn’t =P

so now the strategy has changed, now we’re going for QUANTITY! now this way, i’ll at least since i have many resolutions, in probability terms i will have a higher chance in at least achieving 1. right? right? right? i know i’m right.

the reason i’m writing this all down here is that i am giving you, the public, yes you, the authority to become my motivators/reminders throughout this next year. that’s right, now anytime you see me and you have nothing to say to me, you can at least remind me about my resolutions this year!

here goes, in no particular order:-

  • work out – now for the uninformed i have recently changed my jobs and right now although i never saw this coming, i am a service engineer. yes engineer, though bluntly speaking you can call me a factory worker / technician / plumber / carpenter / despatch / etc. now there seems to be no tie between an engineer and working out right? wrong. not going into detail, but i do have to carry heavy stuff in my new job, and i mean heavy. so apart from being a good ego booster, i do need to be stronger for my career’s sake 😀
  • sleep less, no more naps – 2 reasons why. 1, if i take a nap its harder to fall asleep later at night. 2, if i sleep too much i get migraines. so i’m trying to train myself to sleep +/- 6 hours per day which i heard is the average sleep amount for someone my age.
  • be more hygienic – no more going to bed without a shower (unless its too late to shower), no more leaving the bed sheet on for half a year, no more using the same towel for more than a month, you get the picture 😉
  • be more creative – its kinda hard to believe it, and it makes me sad to say this. but in 08 i didn’t really practice my music much. didn’t really learn anything new. didn’t really improve a lot. so its time to change that =\ did i mention i haven’t written anything in the last 3 years? =[
  • say no to laziness – as you can see in previous posts, i am known to be addicted to things that ppl don’t usually get addicted to because i’m lazy. the best example would be minesweeper and solitaire =D now i’ve recently removed it from my pc. yay! but now i’m hooked on igoogle’s pacman =P so yeah, i need to realize how precious time is, and that its not like i dont have anything better to do =]
  • quiet time every morning – 🙂
  • debt payment – i hate ppl who borrows money and taking their own sweet time paying it back. i hate ppl who think they are the only ones who have money problems. i hate ppl who tell you they have no money but only the other day you heard from a friend of theirs that they were out clubbing and he opened 2 bottles of chivas. worse, i hate ppl who keep doing this to everyone around them. yes i know a lot of ppl in the world in this category. too many in fact. so because of this, i always repay money i borrow though not as fast as i hope to, but always as prompt as i can. so if i owe you money and somehow its been quite long and maybe i forgotten, pls remind me 🙂
  • be reliable – i remember someone telling me this. “whenever anyone is cf has a car breakdown or running out of petrol, call lenard or dwong”. was quite nice to know. i wonder if i’m still that reliable now. i also wonder who do these ppl call now that lenard and dwong have graduated =P

okeh, off to work out now =]

happy new year!


13 09 2008

it makes you do weird things…

yeah i know, its not that quick, but its my fastest so far =P

and she’s coming!

23 08 2008

now to find a free ticket…

even ppl outside of malaysia find the “conditions” crazy. how are u suppose to perform without jumping and shouting? i guess beathesystem would’ve been banned 7 years ago then =P and underheadlights will be soon-to-be banned…

maybe malaysia is a post-rock govt eh? they certainly don’t shout and jump =]

guess what?

22 08 2008

yes. most of you guys know. but i just got this in my inbox and i thought i’d share it with the world. after 1 year in tadika, 1 year in kindergarden, 6 years in primary school, 5 years in high school, 1 year in mmu melaka and 4 years in mmu cyberjaya:

i’ve graduated! woot~!

wow… thats 18 years of my life studying… almost 80% of my life thus far =]

the periodic update

7 07 2008

1. i have graduated

2. i am unemployed, but have a job (confusing i know)

3. i have too many bands (but its alright now since none of them heavily gig… yet)

4. i miss having everything in my room (i need to buy a table)

5. i’m going to pay off my debts to my debtors very soon

6. i hope ppl who owe me money will do the same very soon

7. i need a new strap

8. i need new cables

9. i’m gas-ing for more stompboxes

10. i have no idea what job i want to apply for, though i’m leaning towards management trainees

11. i’m soon going to be non-existant in cyberjaya =\ (though i will return periodically to haunt certain individuals)

12. i will be touring to perak (twice) in this month

13. i bought “melayu” converse-like shoes in indo

14. i bought not-so-skinny jeans from esprit

15. i’m desperately trying to gain weight (mcds doesn’t help as much as i thought it would)

16. i failed to obtain my 6pack goal by june 😦

17. i’m still not on the graduates list for some unknown reason

18. i am going to do something epic to glen

19. i am going to recruit my team to do something epic to glen

20. i am not going to kill glen


beat the system @ the star youth2

12 03 2008

bought the star today? well, although they are very controlled by BN, i shall advertise them on this blog just this once =] there was a short writeup in the youth2 section on several local bands. they only highlighted 2 bands though: dragon red & beat the system. so, click here to jump to it.

my name is there, though i’m not in the picture due to the recentness of my entry to the band =\ its all good though.

army of three is also gonna b on a fly.fm touring gig in johor next saturday. check them out if u have the time. its during midterm break =]

p/s: added 1 friends quote, and updated my wishlist =] *bounce*

p/s2: for a good laugh at how i have looked like before, click here =]