the wishlist


the mono gigbag. the most coolest gigbag in the world! but no, it’s not just because of the way it looks. though that is a significantly large portion of the reason that it is the most coolest gigbag in the world. this baby is pretty smart too. it has:

a neck safer – you know those things that strap your neck at the center of the bag so that you don’t damage the neck just in case it drops? yeah i know you’ve seen that in many gigbags before, but how many provide protection even for side drops? aha! bet you didn’t think of that. it also has a cute little compartment beside it that keeps your picks. talk about functionality!
a strap pin safer – when upright, most gigbags put a lot of pressure on the strap pin at the end of the guitar. this one doesn’t =]
abs shell – just like a typical hardcase, only that it’s not throughout the whole body, so its really light!
waterproof – its waterproof. something that you will not take for granted when you’re suddenly walking in the rain, or caught in a water balloon fight on the way to a gig =]


commands a pretty hefty price though. it’s available locally at ck music for approx rm600. the pricetag’s the only thing keeping me away now. i prolly can get a nice coffin case with that kinda money =D

if u’ve never heard of aer then you are probably not an acoustic guitarist. aer is an amp making german company, and they make one of the best acoustic amps in the world. they’re so good they prolly can make your kapok sound like a taylor/maton. it sounds impossible until you actually plug a guitar into it. the sparkle. the clarity. its almost orgasmic. here’s a review by sujesh @ bassraptor.

and lookie here! now they’ve come up with a bass amp: the aer bass amp one! woohoo! typically following the standard aer look: the black cube. this little baby is not to be messed with. though small it actually packs 200watts of power. now i haven’t played on this chick yet, still waiting for the guitar store to restock them so i can do a comparison between this and the new ampeg micro-vr. i’m secretly hoping the ampeg wins. coz i’m a little biased brand-wise, and the micro-vr is much cheaper =P i wonder how you would use this lil cube in a live stage setup. a 10*10 wall of em i guess? *droolz* oh yeah, the amp one cost rm6770


that’s it for now. list will be added to periodically. remember, it’s better to give than to receive =D


3 responses

27 08 2007

May uR wish come true.

µ:zician: yeah! =]

27 08 2007

mimpi la u……………………… my Marshall stack amps also belum habis…..we need to sell more concert tickets to buy all of that la….well RM50 was a good start eh? kekekekke

µ:zician: ahahaha… concert? =P

6 03 2009
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