the journey 5

14 03 2010

it’s here! =D *jumps around*


glory glory man uni… what the?!?!?

12 03 2010

malaysia is really a sucker when it comes to wasting resources, with the latest example being the petrol subsidy system review. how does that waste resources? well, implementation takes money. the systems to give different people different subsidies. the people to design the system. the rollout of the system. it all takes money, and it all is a waste.

thank God that’s gone. for now at least.

here we have another interesting example. now, what could tmnet, malaysia’s slowest number 1 internet service provider have to do with manchester united, the greatest football club in the history of mankind? nothing at all. and yet here we have this:

Manchester United has signed Malaysia’s leading telecommunications provider, Telekom Malaysia, on a five-year deal to become its Official Integrated Telecommunications Partner in the country.”

integrated telecommunications partner? what the heck is that? why does man utd need an integrated telecommunications partner anyway? i bet anyone in any tmpoint outlet wouldn’t be able to justify what just happened right here. i’m literally speechless, the only thing i can ponder is how much is tmnet paying man utd coz confirm + guarantee man utd ain’t gonna pay tmnet for any “integrated telecommunications partner” thingy.

i think tmnet thought that we malaysians would be impressed that they could get a deal with such a football team in the epl, but instead i as a streamyx user can only wonder where the money i’m paying for my monthly broadband is going. it definitely is not going to repairs at underwater cables that seem to disrupt everytime. it’s not going to improving their QoS as well.

and to make it worse, remember that man utd deals in british pounds, not malaysian ringgit.

i think whoever thought up of this marketing plan in tmnet must be feeling superbly proud right now, almost as proud as the dude in the govt that proposed that 1malaysia should have a facebook account. but boy are they wrong.

now i’m just waiting for some other ISP to cover my housing area. then bye bye streamyx. oh yeah, here’s my favourite part of the article:

“Just like Manchester United, winning and being the best at what we’re at is our business, and that is why we believe this partnership will benefit both entities. This agreement also goes to show that anything is possible when we connect, communicate, and collaborate.”

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the journey 4

11 03 2010

it’s here! =]

the journey 3

10 03 2010

oh no, it’s lost! where are you? 😦

the journey 2

7 03 2010

it’s here now…

the journey 1

5 03 2010

it starts here…


21 02 2010

that’s the number of days that we’re in to 2010. let’s see what i’ve achieved so far…

  1. i’ve got a new job
  2. big things happening for my bands (stay tuned)
  3. learning to walk toward God

it’s funny how you can feel close to God and yet not be close to Him at all, doncha think? i think i’ve been like that for quite some time. it’s kinda scary, how we can bluff ourselves that everything’s alright when it’s not.

not that things are bad, but they’re not good =]

hopefully things will change.

oh look. day 52 is here.