victor kee. are u ready?

24 03 2008

the ppl have been informed.

the tools have been gathered.

the plans have been laid down.

we are ready.

are you ready?



how much do u love victor kee?

19 02 2008

remember when our dear brother came into our lives? for us cyberians, he was the cute little fat big-boned boy who brought his sugar gliders to IF camp. *awww* and we pondered to ourselves. why do the melakans hate him so much? from veet hair removal cream, to toothpaste, to wedgies, wat has triggered such violence in the presence of this kind-loving soul?

well. he came to cyber. and now we know why =D for the uninformed, victor kee’s bday is a little over a month from now, and i have narrowed down a few ways we could show him how much we care for him.


1. borrow a paintball gun. and tie victor kee to the tennis court netting wall and have a ball


 2. wedgie. no single word strikes fear in the heart of the manliest of men these days. wait. there is one other word…


3. we call it current. the japs have an actual name for it! its called denki anma. and apparently it was practiced on females as well. hmm.


4. head shaving. the look on the monkey almost makes u not want to inflict such love onto victor.








5. veet for men. one thing that veet cream is missing. the causing of pain at every application. hehe =]


6. the villains. current contacted villains:

  • vj
  • justin
  • tim chase
  • wayne
  • did i leave any1 out? hmm.

and remember, if u have any better suggestions. just leave a comment.factors that are in consideration are:

  • price
  • pain
  • practicality (yes, u must remember victor is quite… large =D)
  • pleasure (both for us and him)
too bad styne couldn’t make it =\