30 10 2007

which is the root to all evil. the love. or the lack? how did we become so dependent to it? simply looking at it, money is just a form of trade. something to exchange for something that u want/need to have.

but yet its able to stir up any emotion. any feeling in us. it can build us up. yet can tear us down. it can make us love someone. or hate as well. it’s used to do the noblest of things. and also evil u could never have imagined possible for a human to do.

is this all money’s fault. or is it ours? is money to be blamed, or is it our lack of knowing how to build a life according to the money we have?

i’ve always wondered about all these issues on money. how some can have so much, and others so little. how some can have so much, and think that they have so little. or how some can have so little, but think they have so much.

are the amish a people that have given up on the world’s dependency on money. or is it a life statement of non-conformity to the ways that money can ruin ppl as much as it can bless?

it’s all in the mind

it really is i guess. would u want to be living a happy life just living averagely, or have sleepless nights every night, seeing your family once a month, only coming home to sleep, but be the world’s richest man? don’t get me wrong here, i’m not crying out for everyone to be satisfied being mediocre.

actually, i myself am not sure what i’m trying to get at in this post =P

maybe its just meant to make you think.




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30 10 2007

i see too many kids in my school who are loaded and who have everything you could possibly want to have at eleven years old. thing is, when it comes to family life, there are those who are as poor as a church mouse. it’s sad.

µ:zician: amen to that… i wonder what’s it like to be loaded… hmm…

30 10 2007

Dude, we r gonna enter the working world soon. Maybe after dat we will have a clearer view of wut money is? Wait n see lar. There must be a reason for this rat race the whole world is in. Who r we as students to say anything about it? To do so with confidence is…being naive.

µ:zician: well, somehow i think it can only get worse =P unless i strike a pot of gold kinda situation la…

31 10 2007

money is like mana….u noe? if u dunno go ask peh/zong/alan/wkit….the more u have the better. its wat keep u alive.

then, it boils down into moderation. too much of money definitely screw u up one way or the other. too little Gs you have, you die of lack of nutrition, hypothermia (no house), and the most dangerous one- low self esteem.

so…just have enough is enough. unless u haf damn good discipline like a monk, you earn alot and you don’t spend it. there, my RM0.02

µ:zician: hmm… i guess everyone has a different goal when it comes to money =P

31 10 2007

eh jiok..dun look down on engz ok…engz play dota also 1… haha!

µ:zician: since back in 5.84c man!! hohohO~

5 11 2007

hey man…dropped by ur blog and found an interesting post..haha
yea…money is the bane of all evil 😛
but it’s also one of the most essential things in life…
it all really depends on how u value the money…being a slave to money…or let the money work for u… 😛
but then again..different ppl has different ways on how to earn and value money…
btw…r u doing ur internship now? haha… see ya man 🙂

µ:zician: yo, nice to see u drop by man… drop by more often!! hehe

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